About Polomi


Born and raised in London with roots in East Africa from her Indian heritage, Polomi was exposed to an eclectic cultural background from a young age. Her childhood home was an ever-changing design space filled with family heirlooms from their East African, Indian heritage and an endless stream of her mother's own creations as an artist and interior designer.

After completing her BA in Fashion Management at LCF, Polomi moved around the world, dividing her time between New York, London, Singapore and Dubai. The constant change of climates, lifestyles and mindsets demanded an approach to style that needed to work seamlessly across continents. Polomi wanted to offer women like herself, pieces that could feel at home anywhere in the world but at the same time felt treasured, personal and familiar wherever they were.

Hardware and Innovation

POLOMI’s bespoke, stainless steel hardware is a fundamental element of the brand’s identity. Ignited by Polomi’s discoveries through her own family heirlooms, and inspired by her grandparents’s legacy, resilience, power and elegance, the jewel like hardware that adorns each item sets it apart as something special, a future heirloom for others, something to be cherished.

Consciously choosing stainless steel over brass, POLOMI is able to provide a superior more durable base material, at least 70 percent of which comes from recycled sources. To achieve our unique warm brushed gold finish, stainless steel is plated using PVD instead of electroplating, resulting in no chemical waste.


POLOMI bags are crafted by our EPV-certified atelier located in Paris with leather sourced from EPV and LWG certified tanneries. Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) is an official French label created in 2005, issued under the authority of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, in order to distinguish French companies with artisanal and industrial know-how deemed to be of utmost quality.

Embracing this intrinsic value of time honoured craftsmanship, quality and heritage, each piece is meticulously crafted by hand from the best materials, bespoke colour palette and bespoke hardware, to ensure innovative yet timeless products that are exquisitely made and consciously ethical and sustainable.


Central to the brand's mission and inspired by the lifelong philanthropic commitments of the founder's grandparents, POLOMI hopes to harness it's creations and utilise them as vessels for change that have a purpose far beyond any tangible product, and toward's the overall betterment of opportunity for others.

To facilitate the first step in this mission, POLOMI commits to taking a pre-defined portion of all annual profits each year, and donating these funds to women centric organisations and charities whose mission it is to support and empower women across the developing world.